Aesthetics, Digital and Otherwise
7 pm — 9 pm EST
Re: Anthropocene
7 pm — 9 pm EST
Material Cultures
7 pm — 9 pm EST
Hard Data, Softwares
7 pm — 9 pm EST
Politics of Intervention
7 pm — 9 pm EST
Wortham Fellow
Rice University
Compositional Physics and Other Diagrams of Force
Yessios Visiting Assistant Professor
Ohio State University
Assorted Demo Scenes
Yessios Visiting Assistant Professor
Ohio State University
Other Orders
William Muschenheim Fellow
University of Michigan
Practice, Product, Protocol
Emerging Scholar Fellow
University of Houston
Building Protestant Modernism
Visiting Teaching Fellow
School of Architecture at Taliesin
Kinesthetic Rituals
Walter B. Sanders Fellow
University of Michigan
Practice, Product, Protocol
Innovation in Design Fellow
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
False Walls
Peter Reyner Banham Fellow
University of Buffalo
Water + Power
Tennessee Architecture Fellow
University of Tennessee Knoxville
Emerging Scholar in Design Fellow
University of Texas at Austin
Good, Well, Better.
Fishman Fellow
University of Michigan
Practice, Product, Protocol
Wortham Fellow
Rice University
Information Richness
Michigan Mellon Design Fellow
University of Michigan
ArcPrep & Dividual Monuments
Howard E. LeFevre ’29 Emerging Practitioner Fellow
Ohio State University
The Great Lakes Architectural Expedition
Ventulett NEXT Generation Fellow
Georgia Institute of Technology
Representing Renovation: New Designs with Old Buildings
Schidlowski Emerging Faculty Fellow
Kent State University
Candide's Garden
Tennessee Architecture Fellow
University of Tennessee Knoxville
Pietro Belluschi Research Fellow
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Summer House
Harry der Boghosian Fellow
Syracuse University
Pursuit of Design Extremes: under-and-overdesign
Founding Partner, Alam/Profeta
Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania
Co-Founder, Besler & Sons
Assistant Professor, Princeton University
Principal, The Open Workshop
Associate Professor, California College of the Arts
Co-Founder, Matter Design
Assistant Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Founder, Sekou Cooke Studio
Assistant Professor, Syracuse University
Co-Founder and Director, EPIPHYTE Lab
Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon
Professor, Princeton University
Assistant Curator, Architecture and Digital Initiatives at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
Professor & Director of the School of Architecture, University of Tennessee Knoxville
Each year, select architecture schools nationwide name fellows to join their programs and develop an intensive project during a short-term appointment. With the fellowship comes some combination of project support, cross-pollination between research and teaching, and a platform with which to present and exhibit the work. Commonly selected via national call for proposals, fellowship projects are dually indicative of the interests of a new generation of academics and evolving institutional agendas. 

While each school supports the development and dissemination of fellowship work, no comprehensive venue for dialogue between fellows has taken shape. Leveraging the new normal of virtual engagement, Twenty Fellows 2020 creates a discursive platform, inviting fellows to share their work and distinguished moderators to address emergent directions in architectural discourse.
Katie MacDonald
Kyle Schumann
Art Direction & Graphic Design
Christopher Cote
Website Design & Development
Wei-Hao Wang